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Bugging Out About Customer Service

All companies like to talk about their customer service, but sometimes you find those unique organizations that truly believe in building relationships with their customers, distinguishing them from their competitors.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Stank Environmental Pest Control on a promotional video shoot. From our first conversation, to their uniformed staff and spotless trucks, to their hands-on and straightforward approach, owner Chris Stankiewicz and his entire team are committed to understanding their clients' needs and delivering customized pest control solutions for each project.

"Our company prides itself on differentiation from our competitors," Chris said. "It's important for us to deliver a personal, customized approach as opposed to a cold, numbers-driven solicitation often seen by larger companies. The video showcases our professional touch that ties in nicely with our web presence and other promotional efforts."

Stank Environmental ( offers Commercial and Residential pest control solutions, serving most of New Jersey. In addition, the team also performs pest control services for New Jersey school districts, doing business as Safe Schools Integrated Pest Management. Chris identified a need to have a targeted message to boost his visibility in the residential segment and asked Cadence to help with the project.

"We may not have a 'Fortune 500' budget, but we strive for a 'Fortune 500' feel in everything we do." Stankiewicz continued, "When you are a growing business, you have to target your message. We think that a video promoting our residential offerings and highlighting our commitment to customer service would help to drive our business."

As a customer of Stank Environmental Pest Control, I've seen the team in action at my own home. During a recent evaluation on my property, Jose arrived in his SEPC truck and came to the front door to introduce himself. After a thorough evaluation of our property and explaining the services, he went the extra mile, identifying some opportunities for us to reduce pest risk which included removing standing water and ensuring proper seals around windows. Jose has been the dedicated tech for our home all year, providing a sense of comfort, because we know who is coming to work on our property. Now that's great customer service!

Chris also shared a few 'Pest Pro Tips' as we hit the dog days of summer and start to look to the fall.

  • A best practice to prevent mosquito breeding sites is to eliminate stagnant water. Be sure to check behind sheds and other areas for upside down garbage can lids or anything that may be collecting rain water.

  • As we transition to cooler temperatures in the Fall, seal small cracks and crevices on your home's exterior to prevent insects and rodents looking for a warm place to overwinter.

For more information about Stank Environmental Pest Control, visit their website at You can also contact Chris directly at (732) 841-2633 or via email


Dan Bonham

President - Cadence Consulting Services

(732) 690-6278

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