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Testimonial - Network Chiropractic

During the most stressful time in my life personally and professionally, Cadence Consulting assisted me in remaining focused on the important things in my practice and in my own journey.  Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I strived to take great care of my patients - unfortunately, I had to close the practice for over 3 weeks due to the fact that I had contracted the virus and was gravely ill.  In 25 years, I had never closed down the practice and was deeply concerned for the welfare of my patients and my business.

Cadence Consulting and Dan Bonham reminded me of what was important.  The free-flowing style and creative atmosphere at Cadence made creating podcasts to keep my patients “connected” critical in maintaining the success of my practice.  The podcasts were a constant reminder to our healing community that their health was paramount to the level in which they lived their lives.  It also reminded them that my practice was part of living their lives at a higher level.


An additional key element was developing the strategy to rollout the podcast series.  Using a combination of social media, our practice’s website, email, and YouTube, we were able reach to my patients to support them during such a difficult time.


Not only did Cadence Consulting support me and my practice during stressful times, it was loads of FUN too!

Thanks Dan Bonham and Cadence Consulting!


Dr. David M. Potter
Network Chiropractic of Somerset, P.C.


For more information about Network Chiropractic of Somerset, please visit

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Network Chiropractic - Podcasts

Cadence partnered with Dr. David Potter of Network Chiropractic of Somerset to produce an audio series called Potter's Podcast and Inspirations. Dr. Potter used this as a platform to connect with his patients to share weekly meditations, music and interviews with medical professionals and interesting success stories.  You can find all episodes of the series at

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