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Testimonial - Zinna's Bistro

We began partnering with Cadence in late 2019 and we haven't looked back since.  Cadence has worked with us on a number of different areas including marketing and social media, video production, staff training, and organizational development.  Our relationship began when, after 10 years in one location, we were moving to a new facility in Cranbury, New Jersey.  Cadence played a key role in developing our staff onboarding, restaurant processes, and grand opening training.

Throughout the next year, Cadence took on a number of projects to help promote the many services offered by Zinna's Bistro.  Early on the pandemic, Cadence helped us develop and produce our cooking show, Streaming Supper Club.  This was a live streamed cooking show where our guests could purchase all of the ingredients needed to prepare some of our favorite dishes in their own home. This strategic idea helped open a new line of business for the restaurant while ensuring employment for our staff during an extremely difficult time. 


Cadence also took on all promotion for our social media channels, including weekly specials, on and off site catering promotion, special events, and latest activities at Zinna's. These efforts have had a huge impact on our business. Not only have we seen a 3-fold increase in our social media engagement, but we've done record numbers in our new location.  All of this was achieved during one of my most challenging years as a restaurant owner.

Dan from Cadence has been a great partner in helping Zinna's Bistro navigate a challenging move, a pandemic, and organizational design along with marketing and promotion. I would highly recommend Dan and Cadence to help you with your business.

Chris Zinna
Owner - Zinna's Bistro
Cranbury, New Jersey

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Portfolio of Projects
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Zinna's Bistro - Streaming Supper Club

Cadence Consulting partnered with Zinna's Bistro to identify new revenue streams during the challenging Spring of 2020. One creative idea was the Zinna's Bistro Streaming Supper Club.  Playing off their existing monthly Supper Club events, this new offering gave customers the opportunity to cook some of their Zinna's favorites at home.  After purchasing the ingredients with recipes from Zinna's, they could log into a Facebook live stream to watch Chef Chris prepare the meals, then make these Italian dishes in the comfort of their own home.

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