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With Great Change, Comes Great Opportunity

There is a moving scene in the 2002 movie Spiderman where Peter Parker is having a conversation with Uncle Ben about growing up. During their chat, Uncle Ben shares with Peter that "with great power, comes great responsibility."

At Cadence, we can use Uncle Ben's words of wisdom to inspire an idea appropriate for this difficult time, leading us to embrace the possibility that "with great change, comes great opportunity."

While we may feel challenged, frustrated and even overwhelmed by our current environment, we may never have an opportunity like this again to learn new things. During this time, we've seen many of our clients, colleagues and friends use this as an opportunity to develop new skills and explore new lines of business. Some of these examples include:

  • Teachers learning new technology platforms to become virtual instructors and stay engaged with their students

  • A chiropractor developing a podcast series to connect to his patients during this time of separation

  • A team member at one business learning to weld to improve the decor of their location

  • A restaurant owner creating an online cooking show to open new channels of business while the restaurant isn't able to seat customers

  • A nutritionist connecting with her patients using video and social collaboration tools to ensure continuity of good health practices

Cadence is supporting all of the above examples with coaching and brainstorming sessions. In addition, we are directly partnering with a pair of our clients on their new endeavors - read below for their innovative stories:

Restaurant Streams Supper Zinna's Bistro, an Italian-American restaurant in Cranbury, NJ started an online cooking show to continue to develop their business and serve their clients. Zinna's Streaming Supper Club premiered in early April with positive reviews. With this new service from Zinna's, customers purchase a meal 'kit' from the restaurant, watch the latest episode of Zinna's Streaming Supper Club, then prepare the meal in the comfort of their own home.

Cadence partnered with Zinna's on this project, scripting the video as well as shooting, editing, and publishing. This video premiered using a Facebook Watch Party, as the Zinna's team engaged with these newly-made chefs, answering questions and helping them to prepare Zinna's specialty, Gemelli Nero!

Zinna's Bistro Streaming Supper Club was a huge hit and there are already two new episodes scheduled for this spring.

Chiropractor Becomes Broadcaster

Network Chiropractic of Somerset recognized an opportunity to connect with patients while so many are not leaving their homes. To stay in touch and support the needs of his patients, Dr. David Potter began a new podcast series designed to create balance for the lives of his patients. These short audio clips last anywhere from 60 seconds to 6 minutes and can be enjoyed anytime during the day or night - while driving, working out, at bedtime, or upon rising.

Dr. Potter’s Podcasts & Inspirations are available on the Network Chiropractic of Somerset YouTube channel. Cadence Consulting Services worked with Dr. Potter on the creation and production of this new series. Even if you aren't a patient of Dr. Potter's, give a listen to the series and enjoy the benefits of this new offering from Network Chiropractic.

New episodes of Potter’s Podcasts & Inspirations are released each Monday, so subscribe to the Network Chiropractic of Somerset's YouTube channel to find your balance.

For more information about Network Chiropractic of Somerset and Zinna's Bistro, please visit their websites and consider following with social channels.

Network Chiropractic of Somerset -

With great change, comes great opportunity. Cadence is here to help your develop your new opportunities. Reach out to us today to get started.

-- Dan Bonham

President - Cadence Consulting Services (732) 690-6278

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